Plastic Anchor Bolt Sleeves

Wilson vs Contec sleeve
Wilson sleeve (left)
Contec sleeve (right)
Sleeve Dimensions

Plastic anchor sleeves are designed to be a low cost and easy to install solution for setting anchor bolts into concrete. In the past, when alignment issues were an issue and the contractor or engineer on the job sought to prevent any fit problems after the concrete had set, they often turned to using pipe or creating some sort of form to make a pocket or space that would allow for small adjustments after the concrete had been poured. These forms or pipe assemblies are labor intensive to create and often the time to create them could slow down concrete pours and waste precious time.

In comparison to on-the-job solutions or welded pipe assemblies, mass produced plastic anchor sleeves are vastly cheaper and since companies, like Portland Bolt, stock them the sleeves can be shipped to the job with a shipment of anchor bolts and installed with minimal labor. No more waiting, jobsite delays or costly solutions. But most importantly no more misaligned anchor bolts that could prevent an equipment base or structural steel base from being placed. The minimal cost of a sleeve and a little labor to install it is vastly preferable to the potential disaster of removing an entire concrete structure to replace the incorrectly placed anchor bolt. Anchor sleeves are some of the best jobsite insurance that can be purchased.

There are many types of plastic anchor sleeves, but two of the most common are the Wilson Anchor Sleeve and the Contec Anchor Bolt Sleeve. The Wilson Sleeve is made to be used with a single diameter of anchor bolts, while the Contec Sleeve is made to be used with up to three different diameters of anchor bolts by simply cutting away extra material at the designated place.